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Node Manager

–>using node manager we can start/stop managed server from weblogic console.
–>Node manager is machine specific.
–>Shutdown Managed server

 -->grep the respective manged server process id
    -->ps -ef | grep -i <name of managed server>
 Note:The process id which is being followed by long list of processes, having a string -Dweblogic.Name ....
      that first id will be the process id of managed server and need to be killed
  -->kill -9 <processid>

—>Configuring Node Manger

1)Configure the unix machine
Lock & Edit
Name : LinuxMachine1
Type: Unix
Type: Plain
Listen Address:localhost
Listen Port:5556

2)Add managed servers to the machine
3)Enrolling domain with nodemanager
–>It’s done with the help of wlst
[Direct Mode]
–>wls:/offline> connect(‘weblogic’, ‘Oracle123’, ‘t3://’)
–>wls:/iam_domain1/serverConfig/> exit()
[interactive mode]
–>wls:/offline> connect()

                      Steps to enroll domain

wls:/iam_domain1/serverConfig/> nmEnroll(‘/u01/app/oracle/product/middleware/user_projects/domains/iam_domain1’, ‘/u01/app/oracle/product/middleware/user_projects/domains/iam_domain1/nodemanager’)


cd $DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager

*Starting Node Manager


–>Note: go to ==>weblogic console>>Summary of Machines>>Linux Machine1>>Monitoring>>Node Manager Status
and make sure it’s Reachable.

–>Types of Node Manager: 1)Java Based : SSL,Plain
2)Shell Based : SSH,RSH

–>MSI Mode: Managed Server Indepenence Mode

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