VMware Mangle version 3.0 is available

VMware Mangle version 3.0 is available publicly now. Yet another release with some great features, bug fixes and security updates.Some of the new features include:

  1.     Support for Azure Endpoint
  2.     Support for Remote Machines as a Cluster
  3.     Enhancements to vCenter Faults
  4.     AWS RDS Faults and EBS Volume Faults
  5.     DB Faults: Connection Leak, Transaction Latency, Transaction Error
  6.     New OOTB integrations: Prometheus, Slack
  7.     Redis Faults: Integration with RedFI
  8.     Network Partition Fault
  9.    Time Skew Fault
  10.     Resiliency Score – Quantifying fault tolerance using metrics
  11.     Real-time polling for the Fault Execution status
  12.    Modified Python-based agents to reduce pre-checks and dependency for faults

       As an open-source project, we greatly value contributions from within VMware and the larger software community. So if you are interested, do contribute to Mangle.GitHub IO Page: VMware Mangle
GitHub Repo: Mangle GitHub Repository
GitBook Docs: Mangle GitBook

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