Why to use docker container for any technology ?


  1. No need to install or configure your softwares again and again
  2. Millions of images available on public DockerHub for different technologies (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle JDK, PHP, Python…)
  3. You can run any version of a particular technology by converting that into an image
  4. Flexible and easy to deploy on host machines
  5. Portable technology meaning it can work on any machine, system or technology
  6. Provides an isolated environment and has no knowledge of host system
  7. Easy to run, easy to clean up and easy to fix issues
  8. Highly efficient in Testing (Automated and Regression)
  9. You can limit resources (CPU, Memory and other resources) any Docker utilizes
  10. Easily Scalable (Horizontally or Vertically)
  11. Easy to combine applications into a single container having multiple images through Docker Compose YAML file
  12. Different container can be managed, organised and governed by Orchestration tools such as Kubernetes
  13. You can pass customised configurations
  14. Increases productivity of your application
  15. Reduces infrastructure costs
  16. Excellent for Microservices
  17. Highly useful for softwares using many DevOps tools (Images can be used for those tools)
  18. Smoother than virtual machines
  19. Provides same tools and configuration on developers systems same as those on higher environments
  20. Docker reduces issues that occur due to differences in testing environments and their configurations


Thousands of pre-build images are hosted on a public hub known as DockerHub. It integrates well with GitHub. Some images provided are official images other are verified by DockerHub


  1. Analytics
  2. Databases
  3. Application Frameworks
  4. DevOps Tools
  5. Monitoring Tools
  6. Softwares
  7. Security
  8. Operating Systems
  9. Programming Languages
  10. Development Kits
  11. Storage


  1. It defines your Application Environment with a Dockerfile
  2. It can be reproduced anywhere it a simple command
  3. It defines the services that make your application
  4. N number of images can be added to your Docker Compose file
  5. It runs and starts your entire application with a single command


  1. Orchestration Tools
  2. Kubernetes as a Service
  3. Registries
  4. Web Server
  5. Database Tools
  6. Storage
  7. Networking
  8. Operating Systems
  9. Infrastructure & Management
  10. Configuration Management
  11. CI Tools
  12. Container Lifecycle Management
  13. Monitoring Tools
  14. PaaS
  15. Cloud Providers
  16. DevOps Tools
  17. .
  18. .
  19. Many more coming …

Docker architecture

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