Unable to see TOPIC on SMM

We are using Streams Messaging Manager for seeing the TOPIC details and for monitoring the topic performance . Even after we grant necessory permission to the topic we are still unable to see it with the userid logged it to SMM . Below are the permissions set . even then unable to see the topic TEST_TOPIC on SMM surprisingly .

We are using sentry and create a role and assigned to group . When i login to the URL with the id onto SMM i am not able to see the TOPIC that i grant access .Could you please let me if i miss anything on the permission . I can only see broker details etc but never see the topic on SMM . Let me know if you need any other details .

ROlE Name: test_topic_w with below permissions

  • HOST=*->CONSUMERGROUP=*->action=describe
  • HOST=*->CLUSTER=kafka-cluster->action=read
  • HOST=*->CONSUMERGROUP=*->action=read
  • HOST=*->CLUSTER=kafka-cluster->action=describe
  • HOST=*->TOPIC=TEST_TOPIC->action=describe
  • HOST=*->TOPIC=TEST_TOPIC->action=write
  • HOST=*->TOPIC=TEST_TOPIC->action=read


testuser domain users is a pert of group TEST_GRP on AD

group with role TEST_GRP — > test_topic_w


found the issue is with Group name in sentry ( available in upper case) . it is considering both as different [ Group coming from AD to OS and the group name registered on sentry when we create permission ] hence on SMM unable to see the topic . Added role to lower case group and able to see the topic on SMM .

  • ABCGROUP = smm_usr_role
  • abcgroup = smm_usr_role

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