PowerHa Migration Procedure

Here in this post we will the steps involved for PowerHA migration

  1. Take pre checks, mksysb, cluster snapshot,clone rootdisk and boot with cloned disk
  2. Stop cluster on both nodes and reboot nodes
    smitty cl_stop
    select all nodes leave rest as default
  3. After reboot start cluster services
    Smitty cl_start
    select all nodes leave rest as default
  4. Add repository disk
    Smitty sysmirror
    Cluster Nodes and Networks
    Manage Repository Disks
    Add a Repository Disk
    Repository Disk [] (here select disk from pick up list)
    Note : Before adding repository disk make sure disk has same number size and after adding have same PVID
  5. Sync cluster
    Smitty sysmirror
    Cluster Nodes and Networks
    Verify and Synchronize Cluster Configuration
  6. verify CAA disk added to vg by below commands
    lsvg –p caavg_private
    clmgr query repository
  7. Bring down cluster
    smitty cl_stop
  8. Sync cluster
    clmgr sync cluster
  9. replace repository disk to new disk
    clmgr replace repository hdiskXX

10.Sync cluster
clmgr sync cluster

11.Start Cluster services and check for caa disk

clmgr query repository
svg –p caavg_private

  1. Stop cluster services and export vgs on both nodes
    smitty cl_stop
    exportvg vgname
  2. .Bring down servers and handover to SAN for Encapsulation
  3. After Encapsulation import cluster vgs on both nodes with major number
    Get disk number by comparing LUNID’s PRE output of lspv –u output with current one
    importvg -c -y vgname -V majornumber hdiskXX
  4. Start Cluster services manually
  5. Bring up RG’s manually as before in nodes

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