How to connect to Linux ec2 instance created in AWS

We have just created ec2 Linux instance with AWS free tire . during the ec2 instance provision i have generate new key pair and downloaded the key awskeypar.pem .

Now download putty.exe and puttygen.exe (for extracting private key) as shown on the below screens .

We will login to the AWS console AWS Console and start the instance if not running then take the public IP or Public DNS to connect from putty .

Login as root user .Enter id/mail id and password

Click on ec2 –> Instances

Click on the Instance ID

Copy Public DNS .We will login to putty with this public ip or DNS as shown in the below .

We have both putty.exe and puttygen.exe already downloaded . Let us see how we can connect to the linux terminal using putty.

Firstly get the download key pair from AWS during the ec2 instance creation to download private key .

Click on Load and select the PEM file downloaded tat will extract private key then save it to use in putty .select the ppk file generated here in the below putty.

Click on Yes

Now we have successfully logged in the server .ec2-user is a super user use sudo if we get any permission issue while running the command which require root privilege .

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