Cloudera is one of the market leading Service provider (Enterprise) for open sources like Apache software foundation . Cloudera power by Apache xxx . CDH – Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Hadoop –> used for data storage, processing and analysis for large scale of Data
Google file system 2003 introduced then 2004 Map reduce for processing data came
Daug cutting combined these two and cretaed Hadoop doneated ASF
HDFS + MapReduce == Hadoop –> donated to Apache software foundation

Cloudera Administration for Apache Hadoop require following

  • Configuring Networking
  • Installing Cloudera Manager Server
  • Creating a Hadoop Cluster
  • Configuring a Hadoop Cluster
  • Working with HDFS
  • Importing Data With Apache Sqoop
  • Ingesting Data with Apache Flume
  • Working with Hive and Impala
  • Running YARN Applications
  • Running Spark Applications
  • Configuring HDFS for High Availability
  • Using The Fair Scheduler
  • Breaking The Cluster
  • Verifying HDFS’s Self-Healing Features
  • Upgrading a Cluster
  • Configuring Email Alerts
  • Troubleshooting a Cluster
  • Using Hue to Control User Access
  • Configuring and Monitoring Apache Kudu
  • Producing and Consuming Apache Kafka Messages
  • Sending Messages from Flume to Kafka
  • Storing Hadoop Data in Amazon S3

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